Rechargeable Nail Grinder Kit for Dogs, Small Medium Pets

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Brand: ZOTO

Color: White


  • SUITABLE FOR YOUR PETS – This electric dog nail grinder has three ports for different size pet’s nails. Suitable for samll, medium and large cats, dogs and other pets. For large pets, you can use the clipper to cut the long nail and the grinder to trim the nail, smooth the edges.
  • POWERFUL & PAINLESS – The motor is powerful and has low vibration so it will not scare your dog or cat. It is also completely painless for maximum performance.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE DESIGN – Come with a 5V USB port cable, charge 4 hours will be full and lasts 4 hours working. Charge the grinder through computer USB, power back and interface USB. Rechargeable and compact design, easy to use and carry.(Please Full charged before first use)
  • GOOD FOR ALL SIZE PET PAWS – Come with a nail clipper and a nail file. With the pet nail grinder, there is no scratch of the floor and sofa due to long nail and no scratch of your skin any more. No hurt of nail break, no bacterial growth, care your pet nails.
  • PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMING TOOLS – 1 × Electric pet nail grinder, 1 × Pet nail file, 1× Pet nail clippers, 1 X USB charging cord, 1 X User manual. Meet your different needs. All the purchases of ZOTO Pet Nail Grinder are guaranteed with money back in 30 days !

Publisher: Shenzhen ZOTO Technology Co.,Ltd

Details: Warm Tip:
For large pets or long nails, please use the clipper to cut the long nail and the grinder to trim the nail, smooth the edges, it will shorten time.
√ The Grinder head is made from silicon carbide, which is highly durable with great hardness, perfect choice to make the grinder.
√ Three size ports for different size pet’s nails. Small and medium pets are suitable for small and medium-sized openings. For large pets, the entire lid can be changed into to large nails port easily.
√ Ultra-quiet motor with high quality brass shaft- low noise, low vibration. Let your pet have a great grooming experience.
√ Universal USB charging port, more convenient to carry and use.
√ 4 hours power supply with 4 hours charge .

How to use ZOTO pet nail grinder?
1)For the first use, should give your pet a short time to adapt this grinder, you can let your pet smell and listen to the sound of the operation to avoid fear.
2)For long nails, use the According to the pet’s nails, the clipper to cut the long nail and the grinder to trim the nail, smooth the edges.
3)Choose the suitable port for your pet. For large-sized pet and grinding fast, you can take out the cover, use the grinder side.
4)Holding nail grinder with one of your hands, switch on the nail grinder. Holding the pet pads with the other hand, put pet’s nail gently into a hole, and then begin to grind the pet nail.

Package Included:
1 X Pet nail grinder
1 X Nail Clipper
1 X Nail File
1x USB charging cord
1x User manual